“The Light of Pure Spirit”, a poem

The following is a composition of mine in the style of Daoist alchemical poetry. Enjoy. “The Light of Pure Spirit” Begin at the beginning For there is nowhere else Relax the body and the heart is relaxed Relax the heart and the mind is relaxed Relax the mind and the whole world is relaxed IfContinue reading ““The Light of Pure Spirit”, a poem”

Zen and the Art of Biophysics

If you’ve ever wondered what the fine-structure fabric of space-time looks like, take a walk on the beach. (Next time you can.) At some critical point in the evolution of scientific understanding – metaphor ceases to be metaphor. Dr. Mae Wan Ho refers to the work of her fellow scientist and teacher Emilio Del GiudiceContinue reading “Zen and the Art of Biophysics”

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