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Zen and the Art of Biophysics

If you’ve ever wondered what the fine-structure fabric of space-time looks like, take a walk on the beach. (Next time you can.)

At some critical point in the evolution of scientific understanding – metaphor ceases to be metaphor.

Dr. Mae Wan Ho refers to the work of her fellow scientist and teacher Emilio Del Giudice as “lighting the fire of a new science.” This new science entails a deep understanding of the electromagnetic nature of the organism and it’s relationship to light, water, and the quantum vacuum. However, the emergence of a new science that unifies disparate realms of knowledge is, of course, nothing new.

Syncretism is a deep undercurrent in many systems of thought, and is in fact the explicitly stated goal of contemporary physics itself. Modern physicists ostensibly pine for a “unified field theory” which can unite all the forces of the standard model. Luckily for those willing to step outside mainstream thought, these “unified theories” are out there waiting to be accepted and more deeply understood. There are complex reasons why these ideas, beyond being merely “fringe”, are relegated to arcane schools of thought but these are a matter of history, habit, and even greed. Suffice to say that 300 years of mechanistic cellular biology can’t be jailbroken overnight.

What we are seeing now in the field of biophysics is a realm which the ancient Daoists could have only dreamt. In a way, it is the inverse of Daoist nominalism – the belief that a name is merely a human attribution and can never adequately reflect the thing-in-itself. The domains of physics and metaphysics are, at last, bleeding together in ways that bring attention to the nature of the metaphor itself. In this view, the nature of the object being studied can actually yield information about the cosmic blueprint from which the object is constructed by its very behavior. The fractal-holographic nature of reality is being played out in front of our very eyes, in every moment. We simply have to realize what it is we are seeing.

Waves crashing on the shore; peaks and troughs bouncing up and down on an otherwise smooth surface; waves on the surface interacting with other waves – consuming them, dispersing them, redirecting them; areas of smoothness and slower motion amidst the seeming chaos of wave interference; the way the waves on the surface bend the light on the floor of the ocean; the bubbles running a “game of life” before being reorganized by the next impending wave; waves within waves within waves and on and on and on… these are not merely metaphors for the wave-like nature of reality and the dynamics of quantum fluctuations. The past few decades of research into biophysics implies that water is the closest thing to an exact, macro-scale representation of quantum phenomena there is.

Ocean Waves

It is the moving image of coherence.

Next time you are on the beach, stretch your perception to encompass this view.

I originally wanted to write this article on the profound peace I have received from illuminating the physical nature of my relationship with the Dao, the Ether, the Zero-point field, etc. specifically through the study of quantum biology.

In my search for inspiration I was given a break. After exploring and internalizing the work of Giudice, Bischof, Ho, and others I had a dream. In this dream I was going through some sort of shopping mall, meeting and greeting people. But in this dream I experienced a feeling. This feeling was more than a feeling of “lucidity” – this was a feeling of being in flow. As I proceeded in the narrative of this dream, I felt like the very molecules of my being were being guided by their future states into their present state, a phenomenon which sounds like science-fiction but is actually borne out by research into the quantumelectrodynamics of cellular communication. In this dream, I felt as though my entire embodiment could perceive the fluctuations of the Ether. I could feel it – and I let it move me.

Perhaps this feeling is the same kind of feeling we experience in the flow of our intentional healing, our meditation, or our daily lives. Perhaps it is our intentionality bouncing off of the interference patterns of the Ether which resonate back at us through time, infusing our being with a sense of deep harmony and a feeling of unity with something more. What, then, shall we intend?

The future science of life will not distinguish between it’s humanistic implications and the physical dynamics that define it’s behavior. Healing, spirituality, and ethics – naturally falling out of a holistic view of reality.

All is truly One – A deeply synchronized, superfluid matrix of Spirit.


Conner Kees
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