My name is
Conner Kees.

I am a spiritual midwife, mystical mentor, and a licensed acupuncturist. 

Our goal in working together is to get out of our heads, into our Hearts, and back to our relationship with the Divine.

I’m the host of the Making The Medicine Podcast and the facilitator and founder of Intention Global, a world-wide healing prayer and meditation group.

Work with Conner Remotely*

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Soul Session

$ 99-177 per 1 hr / 2 hr session
  • Learn how to set yourself free
  • Decondition the stories that no longer serve you
  • Hybrid psycho-spiritual deprogramming using NLP/EFT/BK


$ 333 per month
  • Four (1 hr) soul sessions per month
  • Access to private contact info and on-demand scheduling
  • 15% off all supplements

Still curious? Feel free to reach out by email or schedule a free phone call.

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