Conner Kees

Donation-based. In-person and online.
Natural medicine & spiritual healing.

All services are by donation only. Just schedule.

I offer comprehensive natural medicine and spiritual healing services both in-person and online.

I specialize in a variety of holistic services:

  • Acupuncture-style magnet therapy (no needles!)
  • Infrared, negative ion & light therapy
  • Intuitive energy healing & frequency medicine
  • Whole systems energetic assessment
  • Nutritional, herbal & lifestyle coaching
  • Spiritual, ancestral & astrological consultation

Click here to listen to a podcast where I explain the process of spiritual healing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Doctors at the Mayo Clinic, but this was by far the most informative and enlightening session I’ve ever had with a health professional.

Let's build community around healing.

My name is
Conner Kees.

I am a trained acupuncturist, health & wellness expert, energy healer, and spiritual mentor with over 12 years of experience in natural medicine. I provide services to people all over the world and in person in the Columbus, GA area.

My engagement in the gift economy is part of my spiritual practice. Building a more resilient economy is one of the most important tasks of our time. This is why my services are by donation only.

I’m also the host of the Making The Medicine Podcast and the founder of Intention Global, a healing meditation and prayer group hosted on Telegram, where prayer requests are submitted daily from all over the world.

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