Let's answer the Soul's calling.

You are being asked: what is your true identity?

I offer a conversation that reminds you of your power and potential.

Be fearless.

Welcome your weirdness.

Step 1

Show up. (P.S. You’re already here.)

Step 2

Decide you’d like to know more.

Step 3

Break the spell.


“I’ve had more clarity in the last week than from years of therapy.”


“I was stuck in a place I didn’t know how to get out of and he helped free me.”

“He has a gift for shifting one’s perspective by choosing words strategically and poetically.”


“He’s so present and grounded in who he is and his energy is so direct.”

The mystical perspective is the medicine.

Meet Conner Kees.

Conner is a Soul coach and spiritual advisor. He is an acupuncturist, herbalist, permaculturist, and NLP practitioner. He has also served through professional astrology and Human Design, energywork, ancestral lineage repair, and divination.

Together with Laura Rose Gage, he offers pay-whatever transformational community coaching on Telegram through Living In The HeartThey are also the founders of Intention Global, a prayer group hosted on Telegram, where prayer requests are submitted daily from all over the world.

He hosts the Making The Medicine Podcast, a series of lectures on quantum biology and Chinese medicine. Conner is also co-host of the spiritual talk show The Coherent Soulcast.

Transformational Community Coaching


One-on-One Coaching

Three months, $3,500

Hour and a half, $500

Pay-whatever for anyone under 21

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