Conner Kees

Speaker, Author, Coach, Philosopher

Break the spell.

Tame your mind & remember the infinite potential you were born with.

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My name is Conner Kees.

My passion is having the one conversation with people that matters most – the conversation that reminds us of our power, our potential, and our true nature as spiritual beings. I am here to show you that radical transformation is easy – and it happens fast.

I offer complimentary conversations to anyone who schedules with me. I also offer public speaking and podguesting services, as well rapid transformational coaching with the right individuals.

My book Trusting Your Foundation will be published June 16th. It is a book about learning to allow a way-of-being to naturally emerge from within us that makes life effortless, authentic, and free.

If you reserve your copy before June 16th, you will receive exclusive gifts for being an early-bird.

Get In On The One Conversation

There are a number of ways to work with me. Some of them are listed below. Each of them involves a process I call The One Conversation – the conversation that matters most, the one that reminds us who we are.
Our problem is we spend these lives pretending to be something we’re not.

We pretend to be limited. We pressure ourselves into behaving in ways that we’ve been taught to believe are important without asking ourselves what we want. If we simply found a way to listen to the still, small voice calling out from within, we would remember this.

We do this because we are here to experience the contrast that a human life offers us. Having a conscious mind comes with the caveat that we will sometimes be invited to make a choice whether to identify as limited and mortal or as infinite and eternal.

That choice is what we are invited into every time we have the One Conversation.

Let's Talk

Below you will find two ways to reach me. You may email me or set up a free conversation using the scheduler. If you’d like to work one-on-one with me, let’s have a conversation first.


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