Trusting Your Foundation

Effortless Transformation,
Radical Authenticity,
& Unconditional Flow

"This book is like a weighted blanket for the soul. As soon as I finished, I had to read it again."
Venus O'Hara
Host of The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast

What is Trusting Your Foundation about?

There is something about the world which you know so deeply that it’s a total mystery how or why you would ever forget it.

There’s a way of relating with this mystery so that it emerges into your awareness, both as your lived experience and as the very substance from which you are made.

This book is about allowing yourself to remember this mystery as the unspeakable Truth which you’ve actually known all long. In it, you will discover a life which is effortless, authentic, and free.

You already have all the answers. This transformative book is about remembering how to trust them. It’s about remembering the innate knowledge you were born with.

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What's in the book?


Ch. 1: Circling The Drain

(of what’s going on in life)

Ch. 2: Filling In The Cracks

(of the knowledge we were born with)

Ch. 3: Where We Came From

(before we were born)

Ch. 4: What We're Doing Here

(and why we took form on this planet)

Ch. 5: Everything Is...

(i.e. How connection is the substance of reality)

Ch. 6: Where We're Going

(when this life is over)

Ch. 7: Kingdom, Rapture

(and what it means to be connected)

Ch. 8: Grabbing A Handful Of Sand

(and remembering who you are)

Ch. 9: The Parable Of The Seed

(and the purpose of Creation)

Ch. 10: Peace, Perfection

(and coming into right-relation with your mind)

In Closing

(and a blessing for the reader)

Conner Kees is a speaker, author, coach, and philosopher living on the Big Island of Hawai’i. His passion is having the One Conversation that reminds us who we are, where we came from, what we’re doing here, and where we’re going when we think it’s all over.

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