It’s time to break the spell of self-doubt.

I'm Conner.

In over 10 years of coaching, I have been an herbalist, astrologer, healthfood store owner, and a licensed acupuncturist – the entire time, the undercurrent in my work in the healing arts has been the spiritual nature of this human experience. Time and time again, I’ve seen instantaneous transformation happen when the people I talk to remember what they really are.


It took years for me to realize once and for all that having the One Conversation, the only conversation that matters, is my deepest passion. When I stopped beating around the bush and grabbed ahold of that passion, the doubt, fear, overthinking, and lack of confidence that plagued my pursuit to be myself finally vanished.

Our problem is we spend these lives pretending to be something we’re not. We pretend to be limited. We pressure ourselves into behaving in ways that we’ve been taught to believe are important without asking ourselves what we want. If we simply found a way to listen to the still, small voice calling out from within, we would remember this.


We do this because we are here to experience the contrast that a human life offers us. Having a conscious mind comes with the caveat that we will sometimes be invited to make a choice whether to identify as limited and mortal or as infinite and eternal. That choice is what we are invited into every time we have the One Conversation.

You, at the deepest part of you, know that it is possible to live a life that is free from scarcity, fear, worry, doubt, pressure, and limitation.


The conversation I’m offering you is a way of getting there. I show you the door to true inspiration and empowerment. All you have to do is step through it.