Sound healing is helpful in reducing the symptoms of:

Sound is used by healers around the world in a variety of forms for managing pain, nervous tension and stress, or to clear emotional or energetic blockages in and around the body. Sound can touch the mind-body-spirit in ways that manual or biochemical intervention cannot. In cultures where traditional sound healing survives, chants or songs are given as medicine, rather than drugs or herbs.

In working with clients, I use custom-made tuning forks at Pythagorean frequencies. These frequencies harmonize the energetic structure of the person with the fundamental structure of the universe. Sounds like quite a claim, but in 2018 two physicists from the Netherlands began releasing papers demonstrating that the physical structure of the universe is fundamentally “tuned” to Pythagorean intervals. The universe is musical – go figure

Read this article to learn more.

Using these specialized tuning forks, I resonate magnets or stones placed on the body or sometimes the bones themselves. The frequencies I use are at low octaves that match frequencies also found in the brain. These “gamma” brainwaves are found more in people who meditate – this may be why receiving sound healing is such a meditative experience!

Fun Fact: Cats have some of the strongest bones in the animal kingdom — because they purr! There is growing evidence to suggest that vibrational therapy, like the ones I use, are capable of increasing bone mass. Having healthy bone mass as you age is highly correlated with longevity!

Another form of sound therapy I use is Biofield Tuning (BFT). BFT is uses tuning forks to unblock stuck energy in the biofield of the human body. The discoverer of BFT, Eileen McKusick, is dedicated to integrating this knowledge within the growing body of research on the reality of the human biofield and it’s implications in health.

(BioField Tuning sessions are by request only, as this is an in-depth process and is only suitable for clients who are interested in working at this level.)

Here is a video by the discoverer of BioField Tuning, Eileen McKusick

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