Japanese Energy Medicine & Ion Pumping Cords

Ion Pumping Cords are helpful in reducing the symptoms of:

  • Chronic or acute pain
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Whiplash
  • Bodily or mental-emotional trauma

The Japanese have a unique approach to the East Asian medicine that is native to their part of the world. The medicine is ancient (with it’s earliest record dating back approximately 5,000 years), but the Japanese approach both relies on these ancient principles while giving them new life in light of science and contemporary energy medicine. One of the most notable features of Japanese medicine is it’s empiricism – they only do what works.

The Japanese techniques I apply in my practice utilize ion pumping cords combined with the magnet therapy used in Korean medicine.

What Are Ion Pumping Cords?

Ion pumping cords were invented by the renowned Japanese physician, Dr. Yoshio Manaka, and are used to precisely redirect the body’s own bioelectric current. They are cables with alligator clips on each end that contain silver wire and a germanium diode in the center that only allows for one-way directional flow of current. This allows the practitioner to direct the clients bioelectric current from one point of the body to another location on the body to balance a particular acupuncture channel or channels. No external electricity is ever applied through ion pumping cords and, using magnets rather than needles, the skin is never punctured.

The Japanese protocols that utilize Ion Pumping Cords are employed in treating a variety of chronic and acute illnesses. What made ion pumping cords famous (as well as Dr. Manaka himself) is their use in treating whiplash and in treating burns. They are remarkably effective. Come see for yourself!

Here is an example of the kind of energy medicine that I do:

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