Orienting Ourselves

The absolute limit case – the leading edge – of the question of free will has to do with how we choose to orient ourselves to the meaning of our lives. What is life all about? Given the law of attraction, we call to ourselves experiences which invite us to be triggered, and in inviting […]

Waiting Out The Storm

What is this discomfort we sometimes feel? Perhaps we have touched the bottom time and time again, or we have only begun to touch down in the knowing of what it is we actually are. There arises in life an experience of contrast which we cannot escape. This is not a gloomy scenario, and is […]

All Connection Connecting

We are one. We hear this all the time. But does it stick? Is it real? What would it mean to know this in our bones? When we touch down on what matters most, we get this feeling. Terence McKenna called this “the felt presence of immediate experience”. What a concept. You mean – nowness? […]

Taming The Mind

The human mind as it is instantiated in this world does not know where it came from. It often wanders aimlessly, grasping at things which it is easy for it to conceive of as solid, as here, as present and important. The mind seems to operate as if the objects of its attention partake of […]

Mirroring The Infinite

The method by which the one conversation is had often looks like a kind of mirroring. Our mirror neurology, so to speak, is activated by the question “Is this true?” when faced with any assertion of fact. We affirm things about ourselves and about the world unconsciously, as a habit of speech that actually reflect […]

Freedom, Now

What could possibly be better than freedom? – than the embodied knowledge that speaks of all things being possible, or even within arms length? All of time exists in the moment you are in. It is all collapsed and compressed into now. Our minds tend to make a run for the exit, because the infinitude […]

Natural Joy

Inside you there are multitudes. There are pieces and fragments as well as the whole and loving embrace of your totality. These pieces are there asking to be taken in. They ask by causing fear. The inverse of your fear is often the desire of the piece in question. Desire moves the whole thing, consciously […]

The Only Conversation That Matters

Have you ever had a deep, philosophical exchange with someone where you and the other person feel that you somehow agree on what’s being talked about – perhaps God, the meaning of life, or the nature of reality – but that the words you have to express it simply aren’t cutting it. The Dao that […]